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Partners Reporting

Please feel free to inquire about any issues you may have regarding collaboration
with Ace Engineering Co., Ltd, and we will respond promptly

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  • ADDRESS 80, Sapyeong-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Consent for Collection of Personal Information in accordance
with the Personal Information Protection Act

Purpose of Personal Information Collection / Items Collected / Purpose of Use
  1. Ace Engineering Co., Ltd collects only the minimum amount of personal information. We seek consent for the collection and
    use of personal information for the purpose of verifying reported content and providing feedback on reported results.
  2. Personal information items to be collected:
    · Mandatory: Name
    · Optional: Phone number, E-MAIL
  3. The retention and use period of personal information is 5 years after the report.
  4. Partners has the right to refuse consent, and if consent is refused, this Reporting cannot be used.


Only 20MB or less of images and documents
(doc, hwp, pdf, etc.) files can be attached.