We Put Our Value into ESG Strategy
to Secure Sustainable Future.



Assuring Balanced
Company Governance
with Transparent Company

Establishing Transparent Company Governance through
Inviting Outside Expert and Regulatory Management of
Board Members, and Providing Sufficient Information

Regular General Meeting of
Share Holders
Operating Board of Directors
and Inspection System

Information Security
of Individuals, Clients,
and Companies

Operating within the Boundary of Security Codes to
Protect Critical Information Asset

Abiding by Confidential Document
Handling Rules
Regular Security Checks
Periodic Security Related Educating

Practicing Ethical
Management with
Proper Value Evaluation and
Code of Action Establishment

Offering Specific Action Guidelines
for Work Related Proper Value Evaluation
and Code of Action

Providing Basic Ethical Practice Guideline
Presenting Cliental Ethics with Emphasize on Respecting and Protecting Client Interest
Respecting Mutual Ethical Code between Management and Labor
Abiding by Social Ethical Duties of the Company Internally & Externally