We Put Our Value into ESG Strategy
to Secure Sustainable Future.


Containing the Balance

Rooted on DBL (Double Bottom Line) which Highlight the Balance
Between Capital & Social Values, ACE Prioritizes a Balanced Growth in Each Sectors of ESG


Eco-Friendly Manufacturing

Focusing on Renewable Energy Products
Including ESS Enclosures & AMP Containers

Research & Development with Focus
on Environment-Friendly Solutions

  • Eco-Friendly Fuel Based Product Development
  • Continuous Process Improvements to Lower
    CO2 Emissions

Synergy of Network Growth

Balance of growth Among Corporate,
Individual, and Partner

Ascending Synergy with Stability

Stability of Human Resources, Information,
and Manufacturing Conditions


Labor & Management Communication

Encouraging Peer Level Communication
Between Employee and Management

Internal & External Communication

Boosting Transparent Communication Between
Shareholders & Board of Directors