We Put Our Value into ESG Strategy
to Secure Sustainable Future.



Creating Jobs
for Youth

Strengthening Corporate Values
for Increasing Youth Employment, 20%
of New Recruits Consist of Youth

Conserving Youth Employment
Rates of 20% for New Recruits
Voted as “Youth Friendly Company”
in 2017, 2022 and 2023

Corporate Growth
from Individual

Ensuring Individualism and Personal Growth by Providing
International Study Opportunities and Supporting 100%
Costs In Relation to Education

Constant Support and Investment
to Newly Hired of the company
100% Funding for Individual Self
Improvement Opportunities

Mutual Growth with
Supply Partners and

Encouraging Fair Trade
Among Competition

Highlighting Transparency and Information Sharing
Among Supply Partners and Abiding International Fair
Trade Regulations

Mutual Growth With Partnering
Respecting Fair Trade with
Competing Companies
Leading Export Voucher Businesses
for Partnership Growth

Public Contribution

for Social Value


Supporting Fundamental Science to Promote Korean
Technology Industry and Sponsoring to Less-Popular
Sports for Development

Sponsoring Fundamental Science
Designated Development Fund
Sponsoring Less-Popular Sports
Development Fund


Establishing Work Standard in Absence of Discrimination
and Prejudice toward Gender, Nationality, Disability, Etc.
and Conducting Preventive Education for Work Related
Bullying and Sexual Harassment

Having Gender Equality in Employment
and Maternity Protection
Conducting Awareness Improvement
Education toward Disabled People
Prevention of Work Related Bullying
and Sexual Harassment

Building Safe
Healthy Business

Maintaining Health and Environment of Employees and Safety of Workplace by Forming ISO Occupational Health and Safety Management System

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and
Safety Management System